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SEO Services

SEO (search engine optimization) is an important part of any ecommerce or website strategy. SEO ensures people can find you when using a search engine, like Google.

There are many components that make up SEO. In fact, Google uses hundreds of different "signals" to help rank how websites show up the search results. Many of these are technical in nature and others are based on the content you put out. Any project I work on, prioritizes SEO and ensures that the proper foundation is in place to ensure optimal search engine rankings.

Benefits of SEO

  1. Improves experience for your customers

  2. ​Drives quality traffic that leads to sales

  3. Can be your primary source of leads 

  4. Builds brand awareness and credibility

  5. Helps you gain market share (especially locally)

  6. Creates synergy between marketing activities while driving down marketing budget costs.

  7. Improves your social media following.

BECKPROcommerce can provide the proper SEO foundation for your business, as well as, more advanced services that can ensure optimal results. Some of these services include:

SEO Foundation

  • ​Google verification

  • Google analytics advanced setup

  • Google and Bing webmaster advanced setup

  • Sitemap configuration

  • Business listing setup

  • Page speed testing and optimization

  • Analysis and reporting

SEO Advancement

  • Keyword research, analysis, targeting

  • Content optimization (requires content creation)

  • ​Backlink building

  • Directory listing

  • Social media linking

  • 301 Redirect management

  • Advanced Analysis and reporting

Let’s Start Working Together!

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