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eCommerce Enablement

If e-commerce is going to be a viable channel for your business, then you have to have a solid plan. We will develop and execute that plan, having you generating online sales in no time.


Our process is collaborative, agile, and effective. Below are some examples of the types of plans we have put together and how they are delivered.


  1. Outdated Wordpress website on old domain

  2. Lost revenue do to downtime associated with unreliable plugins

  3. Operationally managing 2 separate order systems

  4. Great photo content was being generated but only being featured on Instagram.

  5. Looking to make ordering online possible


  • New website design and Migration to Square eCommerce (Weebly)
    • Preservation and migration of key content 

    • SEO redirection where possible, including from the old domain name to the new one.

    • Email collectors and other features where applicable

  • eCommerce capabilities including

    • Ability to sell a variety of skus with a focus on cleanses and gift cards.

    • Curbside Pick up / Pick up in-store 

    • Promotional controls 

  • Analytics

    • Configuration of analytical tools​

  • Operationally

    • Set up payment and automations for order fulfillment

    • Set up analytics and reporting

    • Provide training and support to Tuss and others on the team for how to use the platform and tools.

  • Support​

    • Training for how to merchandise homepage and configure products.

    • Training for how to optimize promotional content​, especially email campaigns.

    • Best practice training for SEO when creating pages and products.

Let’s Start Working Together!

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